Warrant Information

The City of Princeton Police Department will be concentrating its efforts on clearing up all pending warrants. If you wish to avoid embarrassment and the expense of arrest, contact the Princeton Municipal Court and pay your fines.

Warrant Status / Arrest Warrants

Once a citation has gone into warrant status additional fees will be added to the fine amount and court costs. As stated on the back of the citation, you have 20 days to make a court appearance regarding your citation. After 20 days, if you have not made an acceptable disposition of your case, an arrest warrant may be issued.

You are subject to arrest, and information about you and your vehicle may be entered into a statewide police database. Should you be stopped for any reason, the law enforcement officer will be notified by the police dispatcher that there is an outstanding warrant for your arrest. You may be taken to jail, and your vehicle will be impounded at your expense.

Additionally, the City employs a warrant officer who is routinely arresting persons at their homes and or places of employment.

The City of Princeton Municipal Court is serious about serving arrest warrants, and it is suggested that you consider this a serious matter as well. It will be costly and embarrassing to be arrested at your home or business.

Omni / Base Services of Texas

We are registered with Omni/Base Services of Texas. This service provides the Texas Department of Public Safety with the names and driver's license numbers of violators who have outstanding balances with our Court. Once your name and driver's license are registered with Omni/Base Services of Texas, you will NOT be able to renew your driver's license until the case has been lawfully dispositioned.

Your Options

If your case has gone into warrant status, your options include:

  • Appear at the Municipal Court customer service window at the Princeton Municipal Center, 2000 E. Princeton Drive, and pay the amount due on your case. You should call 972-736-2416, ext. 2 first to verify the amount due.
    • Only cash, Visa, MasterCard, cashier's check, or money order will be accepted for warrant payments. No personal checks will be accepted.
  • You can also Pay Online.
  • If you post a cash bond for the amount due, you can schedule a court appearance to see the judge about your case. When you see the judge, you can enter a plea at that time. Additionally, you can ask for a trial, or you can request to take defensive driving or to be put on probation.
  • If you do not have the money at the time to pay the fine or post bond, or if you had extenuating circumstances that caused your citation to go into warrant status, you should contact the court about your case by calling 972-736-2416.

Credit for Time Served

Should you be arrested by the Princeton Police Department or any other law enforcement agency for a City of Princeton Warrant(s), you may be given "credit for time served" in the amount of $50 per day (every 24 hours) towards the total fine and court costs due.

Be aware that your warrant(s) is still active and you are subject to arrest until the warrant(s) amount has been paid in full.