Parks & Recreation

City of Princeton Parks and Recreation provides our community with the needed outreach of activities to promote a healthy and entertaining lifestyle while preserving a natural environment for the enjoyment of current and future citizens.

Our Parks

The City of Princeton has two parks, Veterans Memorial Park and J.M. Caldwell Sr. Community Park/World War II Prisoner of War (P.O.W.) Camp which both are the results of WWII. Our Veterans Memorial Park has undergone a beautiful reconditioning that is a great place for weddings, community events, and other activities.

The J.M. Caldwell Sr. Community Park also is a great place just to go take a stroll along the creek or watch the kids play around at the playground, so stop by and enjoy the facilities.

Other Area Attractions

Also in the area is Lake Lavon, which is great for fishing, water skiing, or just having a picnic by the lake. There are several boat launching facilities just minutes away, which opens the doors to a world of outdoor enjoyment for families to be part of. On the outskirts of town is the Sister Grove Park that provides biking/hiking trails that offer even the most seasoned enthusiasts days to remember.

The surrounding county roads offer great evening drives with breathtaking views of wildlife, creeks, and shaded paths to the next adventure just up the road.